Have you seen the life through the eyes of an urban designer and a photographer? Have you ever imagined that you live an Object Oriented Life?! I would like to take you to the fantastic, realistic, and interesting world of Object Oriented life! In the mind of a photographer everything is an object. These objects interact with each other in the environment they reside and even the environment itself interacts with them as an object.

In an object oriented life the universe resembles the environment object. All of the objects affect and take effect from each other. So what defines an Object?

Object specifies something that has attributes and behavior and also responds to incoming events from the outside. Its shape constructs its attributes, colour, and dimensions. When I press the button, it shows its behavior by sending a signal to the receiver.  As you see, by me pushing the button, I show a behavior. This depicts an interaction between three objects: me, the remote control, and the receiver.

Mehdi Moazzami was born in Iran and started photography at the age of eight. Mehdi graduated from architecture and urban design school. He is currently the webmaster of as an attempt to study social, cultural, and emotional body of urban spaces.